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Learn and grown—just like thousands of people have before you—by requesting a Health Coach.  If you’ve used a Health Coach before, connect with them through our directory.


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Health Coaches

Health Coaches and Clients!!

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  • Amanda-Kiel-Work

    Amanda Kiel

    I’m living the life I want to live, the life I feel I deserve. Take...


    Joe Castillon

    Joe learned to make smart, informed decisions about his food.


    Kimberly Yost

    Kim is now a role model for her children and a Health Coach.


    Todd Dallof

    Todd was able to get the direction and knowledge he needed.

  • Sandy-Russells-After-3

    Sandy Russell

    Sandy learned to reorganize her life around the Habits of Health.


    Rick Pitonyak

    Rick is eating healthy, low-glycemic foods throughout the day.


    Sharon Didat

    Sharon learned how to change her sleeping and eating habits.


    Joseph Fitzgerald

    At 73 years old, Joe is as healthy as he’s ever been!

  • Telecia-Cooke-After

    Telecia Cooke

    Telecia changed the way she views health, and is doing new things.


    Matthew Gonzales

    Matthew has the tools, support, and motivation to move forward.


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