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Discover Your Optimal Health – Dr. Wayne Scott AndersonThe 12-Week Health Transformation, developed by New York Times bestselling health author, Take Shape For Life Co-Founder, and board-certified critical care physician Dr. Wayne Andersen, is designed to make optimal health accessible for anyone who wants it. We don’t demand that you become an extreme athlete who swings sledge hammers and flips tires. And we don’t put you on a crash diet.

How Our Program Works

This program consists of the following parts: your goals and determination, to use the next 12 weeks to create better health; your Take Shape For Life Health Coach, for the expert advice and guidance of someone who has made the same transformation and understands the journey; Dr. A’s Discover Your Optimal Health and the Habits of Health System, to learn healthy behaviors; Medifast Meals, to fuel your healthy changes (purchase not required); and daily email support for 12 weeks, to help you create health one day at a time.

The Take Shape For Life approach is designed to help you make a sustainable life change. Exercise and diet will be important parts of your journey, but they treat the symptoms of poor health rather than the cause. The first step in living a healthier life is changing the way you think about yourself and about health. Once you have made a mental change, making and maintaining a physical change will be much easier, especially with the support of your Health Coach.

During the 12-Week Health Transformation, we helped make measurable and significant improvements in five major areas of life to hand individuals the keys to health:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Habits of Motion
  • Healthy Sleep
  • Healthy Mind/Wellbeing

Daily information on how to improve all of these key areas was shared with all 12-Week Health Transformation participants. We also created momentum, gave the skills, and offeredthe support to set all participants up to enjoy the precious gift of health for many years to come.

Health Coaches & Medifast Meals

At the core of the 12-Week Health Transformation is Take Shape For Life, fueled by Medifast Meals. Take Shape For Life provides free Health Coaches who are trained to help you adopt the Habits of Health and overcome your challenges, tailoring weight-management advice to your exact needs.   A free Health Coach is waiting for you.

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